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Adopted 29 April 2019

  • Multi-lined or dual-lined courts cannot be used on a permanent basis in the NSNTA competition, unless a club has received an exemption in accordance with the procedure outlined below.

  • Under exceptional circumstances, multi-lined or dual-lined courts may be used for a "one-off" situation only, once prior approval had been received from the NSNTA Match and Permit Committee.

  • Multi-lined or dual-lined courts cannot be used for finals matches.


  • A Club may submit an application in writing to the NSNTA Secretary for an exemption to use multi-lined or dual-lined courts in the NSNTA competition on an ongoing basis.

  • Clubs must advise the Association as soon as they become aware of the possibility of dual-lined or multi-lined courts being installed at their facility.

  • To allow sufficient time for the application to be considered, an application must be received by 30 March for courts to be approved for the following Spring season and by 30 September for courts to be approved for the following Autumn season.

  • The application must state the number of courts for which the exemption is requested, the court surface, details of other lines and whether the courts comply with Tennis Victoria Netball-Tennis Facility Fact Sheet guidelines.

  • If the courts do not comply with Tennis Victoria Netball-Tennis Facility Fact Sheet guidelines, the application must detail in what way the courts do not comply and provide an explanation why.

  • The NSNTA Secretary will refer the application to a future General meeting at which a vote will be taken on whether to approve or reject the exemption. The Association must give clubs at least 4 weeks’ notice of an application and the club applying for the exemption must provide clubs with the opportunity to inspect the courts.

  • If an exemption is granted, the club must ensure tennis court lines are maintained regularly and stand out compared to other lines at night.

  • Where a club has a mix of dual-lined/multi-lined courts and single-lined courts, it must prioritise the use of the single-lines courts for NSNTA matches over any other club activities (coaching, court hire, tournaments etc.).

  • An exemption will lapse if the court markings or surface is altered in any material way, and the club will need to apply for a new exemption.

Download the Dual-Lined / Multi-Lined Court Policy