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The Additional Registration Form can be downloaded below. Completed additional registration forms must be e-mailed by a Club Delegate to chairman@nsnta.org before the closing date.

1. A separate form should be used for each player.

2. An additional registration is only effective when the form is received by the Chairman of the Match & Permit Committee.

3. Contact will only be made with the Club if it is deemed that the player is unacceptable to be registered in the requested grade. This contact can be at any time during the season.

4. Entries for additional registrations close prior to the third last home and away match of the season (Round 12).

Additional Registration Form

Rulings in relation to additional registrations and deregistrations

1. Additional Registrations can be lodged at any time. The “received” date of additional registrations is the date it has been emailed to the Chairman of the Match & Permit Committee. If additional registrations are received after the closing date, they will not be accepted.

2. An additional registration will not be considered if it will increase the total number of registered players in a Ladies/Mens team to more than 8 players, or more than 6 players of the same gender in a Mixed team. In such cases, a deregistration is required.

3. Once received, additional registrations will be automatically accepted on the following conditions:
(a) They will be checked immediately by the Chairman of the Match & Permit Committee against records, and if any player is obviously too strong for the grade, registration will be refused and the Club notified immediately; or
(b) During the time that matches are played, if the player is deemed to be too strong, the Match & Permit Committee will revoke the registration and the Club will be immediately notified, with no penalty attached, unless the player is obviously too strong for the grade, in which case there will be a loss of games for the last match played.

4. If a player plays again after an additional registration has been refused, the penalty will be loss of games.

5. If a player is deregistered once the season has commenced, he/she cannot play for the team for the remainder of the season.
(a) Once submitted, a deregistration cannot be cancelled. Penalty for playing in that particular team after deregistration is a loss of games.
(b) The player remains locked into the Club concerned for the remainder of the season and cannot play for another Club.
(c) The player concerned can, however, be additionally registered in a higher team or play in a higher team as an emergency player.

6. If a player is deregistered prior to the season commencing, the player is a "free agent", and if he/she wishes to play for the same Club in another team, or for a different Club, the Club must put in an additional registration form.