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Venues for finals are the actual Clubs listed. Alternative venues do not apply to finals matches.
  SPRING 2017 MEN'S COMPETITION Grand Final Venue  
  Teams   Teams 14-Dec-17  
  A Grade West Brunswick vs Buckley Park    
    Fawkner vs Strathmore (Red)    
  A Reserve 1 Avondale Heights vs Glencairn    
    Airport West vs Sydenham    
  A Reserve 2 Avondale Heights vs Maribyrnong Park Hadfield (Mod)  
    Sunbury vs Gladstone Park    
  B Special 1 Taylors Lakes vs Buckley Park    
    Greenvale vs Princes Hill    
  B Special 2 Royal Park vs St Monicas    
    Doutta Galla vs Hillside    
  B Special 3 Royal Park vs Essendon    
    Westmeadows vs OLN    
  B Special 4 St Vincents vs Essendon    
    Delahey vs Keilor    
  B Special 5 Hume vs North Park Hadfield (Plexi)  
    West Brunswick vs Tullamarine    
  B Special 6 North Park vs Royal Park    
    Keilor East vs Sunbury    
  B Grade 1 Maribyrnong Park vs Sydenham    
    Essendon vs Oak Park    
  B Grade 2 Keilor East vs Deer Park    
    Doutta Galla vs Essendon    
  B Grade 3 Hillside vs Sunbury    
    Keilor East vs Maribyrnong Park    
  B Grade 4 North Park vs Sunbury    
    Moomba Park vs Gladstone Park    
  B Grade 5 Deer Park vs Hillside    
    St Monicas vs Greenvale    
  B Reserve 1 North Park vs Sunbury (Red)    
    Airport West vs Strathmore    
  B Reserve 2 Green Gully vs Caroline Springs    
    Westmeadows vs Avondale Heights    
  B Reserve 3 Parkville vs West Brunswick    
    Hadfield vs Moomba Park    
  B Reserve 4 Gladstone Park vs Sydenham    
    Buckley Park vs Mickleham Memorial    
  B Reserve 5 Tullamarine vs Keilor    
    Craigieburn vs Maribyrnong Park    
  C Special 1 Glencairn vs Fawkner    
    Tullamarine vs Sydenham    
  C Special 2 Oak Park vs East Coburg    
    Sunbury vs Essendon    
  C Special 3 St John Bosco vs Moomba Park    
    Essendon vs St Thereses    
  C Special 4 Buckley Park vs Keilor East    
    Craigieburn vs Greenvale    
  C Grade 1 Westmeadows vs Coburg    
    Taylors Lakes vs St Thereses    
  C Grade 2 Sydenham vs Hadfield    
    Taylors Lakes vs Glencairn    
  C Grade 3 Craigieburn vs Gladstone Park    
    Taylors Lakes vs Hadfield    
  C Grade 4 Royal Park vs East Coburg    
    Delahey vs St Monicas    
  C Reserve 1 Strathmore vs St Vincents    
    West Brunswick vs Keilor East    
  C Reserve 2 St Vincents vs Buckley Park    
    Oak Park vs Mt Carmel    
  C Reserve 3 St John Bosco vs Delahey    
    Sydenham vs Maribyrnong Park    
  C Reserve 4 Keilor East vs Deer Park    
    Taylors Lakes vs Royal Park    
  D Special Gladstone Park vs Hadfield    
    Delahey vs West Brunswick